About Us

Our mission is to help job-seekers ascend their career ladder to achieve new heights.

Our Story

We started Easy Resume to help job-seekers showcase their career experience and stand out as the exceptional candidates they are. Easy Resume helps level the playing field between job-seekers and the difficulty of finding a new job. We've seen firsthand how simple career advice - everything from writing a resume to practing for an interview - can help unlock opportunities and prepare candidates for landing their dream job.

Our team of diverse career experts come from all types of backgrounds, from journalism to real estate and education, where they have led strategy and growth to maximize teams and help grow companies. Together, they've created tools like our easy resume builder to help elevate job-seekers from being just another resume, to presenting themselves as the top-tier group of their candidacy class.

Founding Team

Ed Moss
Co-Founder & Career Coach
Ed is a self-taught coder, designer, and entrepreneur who has spent a bulk of his career helping early-stage startup companies grow their teams and products. His desire is to help talented individuals achieve new career goals by sharing his learnings on leading and growing teams.
Rohit Sahay
Co-Founder & Career Coach
Rohit is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and investor with a passion for helping others advance in their career. He interviews experts across different industries, researches job market trends, and provides career advice at every step of the job search process.

Our Values

Be authentic

Be simple

Be a guide


Did you know? Easy Resume is free for all college and university students!

Yep! As long as students use their @edu email and a google account, they can use Easy Resume for free.

Are you interested in contributing career advice on Easy Resume?

We'd love to collaborate, send us an email at hello@easyresume.io