Creative Resume Templates

Applying for a creative field or just want to show off your inner creative self? These resumes are designed to help bring attention to your experience.

When to use a creative resume template?

We believe that every human has a little bit of creativity in them. If your job requires you to showcase just how creative you are, we’ve designed templates that will shine a spotlight on your uniqueness — you don’t need to worry about which tools to use. Creative resumes are great for making talented job-seekers appear brighter and bolder than any other candidate that goes through the process.ce while you making stand out as a serious candidate from everyone else.

Most creative types like designers, illustrators, artists, photographers, filmmakers, yogis, etc. will often want resumes that express themselves and their craft extremely well through expressive imagery and the right color choice. If you’re sending your resume to a prospective employer, it’s important that you don’t just focus on your first impression, but leave a lasting one.