Modern Resume Templates

The easiest way to bring your resume into the 21st century - with these contemporary and timeless resume designs that won't need to be updated for years to come.

When to use a modern resume template?

There’s one thing that’s for sure. You can never go wrong with taking a modern approach. Resumes that are super simple, highly readable and nicely organized will always appeal to anyone that’s reading it. Modern resume templates are great default choices for anyone who’s unclear about what type of resume employers in their industry expect. The contemporary feel will progress with time and you’ll find yourself not having to update the design of your resume for quite some time.

So remember, if you’re applying to a job where you’re not sure what to really expect, modern resume templates are a perfectly acceptable choice. We’ve seen modern resume templates work across wide-ranging types of roles and positions for servers, teachers, nurses, bartenders, and security guards.