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Data Analyst Resume Example

Data Analyst Resume Example
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How do you write a great Data Analyst resume?

A data analyst should demonstrate the ability to use technical skills to solve data related problems. Experience should highlight the application of data visualization on both unstructured and structured data to key business questions. The recruiter needs to be able to quickly scan the resume and learn about your qualifications such as certificates, quantitative courses, and technologies used.

What work experiences should you include on your resume?

When writing about your experiences as a Data Analyst, remember to include action verbs and quantify results. Here are some ideas of how to articulate responsibilities on your resume depending on the level of experience you have.

Junior level work experience for Data Analyst

• Supported data governance processes and framework, including but not limited to Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and partnering with lines of business for error/observation remediation • Worked on Quartz platform using python, SQL, and relational / object oriented databases • Designed, created and maintained automated, templated visualizations for internal and client-facing reporting deliverables

Mid level work experience for Data Analyst

• Used analytics tools such as Tableau and Business Objects to support the marketing and sales teams in finding leads • Applied data warehouse principles and data modeling methodologies to help structure new data collection initiatives • Participated in early stage of data collection by analyzing both structured and semi-structured data in XML and JSON formats to help define product priorities • Found anomalies in our data to inform the team about product loop holes by disseminating large amount of information with great attention to detail

Senior level work experience for Data Analyst

• Provided data reporting functions to the business and technical community using SQL querying to enable the team to gain insight into various parts of the business • Partnered with business and technology teams to build insightful analytical solutions • Investigated data discrepancies, resolved them, and articulated them to support the team's ability to do effective data analysis • Identified areas where operational efficiency can be improved through automation and implemented those enhancements • Worked with the product team to set up a business intelligence tool using technologies such as SQL Server, Redshift, and Snowflake. • Analyzed data to perform root cause analysis of technical issues with our platform

Certificates & Technologies

This resume section is a good opportunity to highlight specific skills relevant for a Data Analyst job. Be sure to review the job requirements and adjust your skills accordingly. Take a look at the example Data Analyst below.

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