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IT Specialist Resume Example

IT Specialist Resume Example
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How do you write a great IT Specialist resume?

IT Specialists implement and maintain information systems to provide software, networking, and hardware support to companies of various sizes. IT professionals are often required to have skills in troubleshooting technical problems, providing customer support, and help their company's online communication. Employers browsing a set of IT Specialist resumes often look for either strong IT work experience or certifications that prove technical skills.

What work experiences should you include on your resume?

When writing about your experiences as a IT Specialist, remember to include action verbs and quantify results. Here are some ideas of how to articulate responsibilities on your resume depending on the level of experience you have.

Junior level work experience for IT Specialist

• Responsible for imaging, deploying and staging computers for end-users on Windows 7 and Windows 10 • Maintained and managed Windows networking (TCP/IP, wireless configurations, DNS, etc.) for company technology assets • Installed additional hard drives, memory, and software in employee desktops and notebooks. • Setup wi-fi and provide technical support at company sponsored events

Mid level work experience for IT Specialist

• Maintained and administered Information Technology systems for a 500 person company. • Provided on-site support to ensure continuity of computer system for all system users • Installed software and hardware products to keep all users up to date with secure applications. • Repair hardware, e.g. desk phones, desktop computers, laptops, and printers, as necessary • Configure user security accounts and new system builds. • Troubleshoot and perform virus prevention, detection and removal.

Senior level work experience for IT Specialist

• Currently manage IT systems consisting of Mac/Windows hybrid environments across multiple departments with 1000+ employees. • Involved in technology infrastructure changes that most benefits the end-users. • Manage, upgrade and troubleshooting office networks, A/V systems, Google Apps, Self Service to enable the company's team to operate software and hardware smoothly. • Track record of learning new tools and systems, gaining enough depth to assist users and manage permissions.

Skills & Skills

This resume section is a good opportunity to highlight specific skills relevant for a IT Specialist job. Be sure to review the job requirements and adjust your skills accordingly. Take a look at the example IT Specialist below.

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